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In the rainy season the Donmmakai area comes alive with rivers and streams to form a natural irrigation pattern to rice fields in the area. During this time farmers plant their rice in the water logged fields. Between rice planting seasons some farmers turn to other ways to supplement income.

Mr Vongkham initially started growing an organic garden to supplement food for the family table and to keep him busy between rice planting seasons. As the garden increased in size and yield, so did the idea of creating an eco resort for people to come and learn about nature, tradition and Lao culture.

The resort is named after Mr Vongkham Nuantasing, in respect to the extensive knowledge he has gained from organic farming and raising livestock. He hopes he can pass on some knowledge about self-sustained living to younger generations and provide them with an alternative to chemically sprayed crops and factory farmed animals.


Ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys and goats live on and around the resort. The geese serve as good security and the chickens make great alarm clocks. These animals indirectly help to enrich the soil with nutrients which benefit the plants, trees and flowers in the area.

Insects can be caught by putting a UV light on a long piece of Bamboo and raising it high at night. The insects are attracted to the light, get zapped and fall into a bucket on the ground. If you decide to try and catch some bugs for your meal, ask the chef before eating them!

Seasonable vegetables are grown in the garden along with herbs and spices. Fruit trees are planted throughout the resort and offer shade in the summer months. The fruit and vegetables on the resort are used in the kitchen to make delicious organic food.

During Buddhist holidays and festivals, flower garlands are seen throughout the country in temples and homes. Orange and yellow flowers are symbolic to Theravada Buddhism and represent peace. The yellow and orange flowers grown on the resort are frequently used for decoration in Buddhist ceremonies and play an important part in Laotian tradition and culture. They also attract wasps which help pollinate other plants and control potential plant eating insects that might harm the organic garden.

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